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Mayo maker says it's no longer being probed

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 17:35
In a company-wide email on Friday, Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick wrote that both the SEC and the Department of Justice have closed their inquires into the company's so-called mayo-buyback scheme.
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What to do about companies spying on your browsing

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 17:01
You'll have to do more than set your browser to private mode.
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Twitter’s Head of Moments Andrew Fitzgerald Is Leaving for Hearst TV

Nasdaq Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 16:00
Twitter s Director of Curation Andrew Fitzgerald who has been heading the team behind the company s Moments feature is leaving to become Hearst Television s new Chief Digital Content Officer His duties at Twitter are being taken over by Joanna Geary who has been with
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4 things to know about Apple's new products

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 15:19
What to know about Apple's new red iPhones, updated iPad, and movie app.
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NFL looking for a partner to livestream this season

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 15:18
The NFL is again shopping for a partner to livestream its Thursday Night Football games.
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YouTube Continues Showing Brands' Ads With Objectionable Videos Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 14:56
A week after Google was forced to apologize for running customers’ advertisements on objectionable videos, triggering a change in policy, its YouTube site is still rife with examples that are ensnaring more big advertisers and causing some to cut spending with the tech giant.
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Mnuchin: Tech stocks are too expensive

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 14:33
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he thinks tech stocks are too expensive.
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Netflix: The Monster That's Eating Hollywood Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 13:07
The streaming-video service is hogging talent and pushing up prices, spurring pushback from rival TV producers who once saw it as a partner.
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There's Money in Faxes---for Plaintiffs Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 13:03
Lawsuits over fax spam have surged in recent years under a decades-old law that allows recipients of the unwanted ads to recover upward of $500 per message.
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GameStop Closing at Least 150 Stores Amid Sales Decline Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 12:27
Videogame chain GameStop Corp., hit hard by a shift to digital downloads , plans to close at least 150 stores this year and expand nongaming businesses.
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How Blockchain Might Change Payments For Small Businesses

Nasdaq Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 09:52
Over the last couple of years digital currencies like bitcoin have captured the imaginations of everyone from investors to business owners. And, thanks to advocacy groups and more than the 100,000 businesses who accept bitcoin, we can expect even more awareness and acceptance of digital currencies. But, you
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Snapchat's Similarities To Twitter Make A Wait And See Approach Advisable

Nasdaq Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 09:25
Isn’t it strange how sometimes even things that you are aware of can surprise you when you see them written down? In the course of research for this article I perused the revenue and EPS numbers for Twitter ( TWTR ). I guess I was vaguely aware that they had struggled to become what startups refer to as “revenue
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20-year-old leading the March Against Revenge Porn

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 08:22
Leah Juliett was just 15 when nude photos of her first leaked online. Now she's rallying for awareness of the abuse she fell victim to in the March Against Revenge Porn in Brooklyn on April 1.
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Samsung's Restructuring Plan Faces Challenges Technology - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 08:12
Samsung Electronics’ chief executive said that officials see challenges in restructuring the sprawling Samsung conglomerate, with a continuing review revealing “adverse implications” to switching to a holding-company structure.
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Algae could fuel the flights of the future

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 07:41
Japanese firm Euglena has been cultivating a type of algae for use in food and cosmetics. But it wants to use it to power aircraft.
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U.S. workers most at risk from automation

Technology news CNN Money - Fri, 03/24/2017 - 07:10
Read full story for latest details.
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China's Bike-Sharing Startups Are Coming to U.S. Cities Technology - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 23:40
Urban bike-sharing programs in the U.S. have often been a sinkhole for investors, with low takeup rates and high operating costs requiring public subsidies. Chinese startups think they have a solution.
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New WikiLeaks Documents Describe Alleged Mac, iPhone Hacking Tools Technology - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 22:51
WikiLeaks on Thursday released new documents it says describe hacking tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency over the past decade to infect Apple Inc. devices.
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Theranos Offers Shares for Promise Not to Sue the Company Technology - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 22:07
A deal approved by Theranos’s board would give investors who pledge not to sue the battered blood-testing company some shares from founder Elizabeth Holmes’s personal stake.
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Senate votes to undo Internet privacy rules

Technology news CNN Money - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:45
The era of consumers having more control over their online privacy may be over before it begins.
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